Asian Ballast Water Treatment
Technology Conference 8th March 2017

Asian Ballast Water Treatment <br>Technology Conference

Conference Programme

08.00 Registration and networking coffee

08.50 Platinum Sponsor welcome address
Petteri Saares, Area Business Support Director, Wärtsilä 

09.00 Chairman’s welcome address


The opening session will set the scene by bringing everyone fully up-to-date with key regulatory policies and the latest initiatives being implemented by the leading industry bodies.

09:10 The latest in ballast water regulations

  • Status update regarding USCG Type Approval and Ballast Water Management regulations 
  • Extensions requests now that USCG type approved systems are available 
  • USCG inspections and enforcement of BWMTS 
  • Next steps

Lt. Jessica Ward, Marine Inspector, US Coast Guard 

09:30 Q&A

09:40 Asian Maritime Institutions update

  • What practical and political questions need to be answered at IMO MEPC 71?
  • What do tanker owners see as the major compliance challenges; IMO and US?

Tim Wilkins, Regional Manager Asia-Pacific/Environmental Director, Intertanko 

10:10 How to be granted exemption under regulation A-4

  • Understanding how two parties of the convention grant exemptions for some ships 
  • Concept of Same Risk Area: Areas ships could be exempted of installing ballast water management systems

Guillaume Drillet, Scientist at DHI Ballast Water Technology and Innovation Centre; Chair of the GloBal TestNet

10.20 Panel discussion

10:40 Networking coffee break sponsored by Trojan Marinex


Technology companies will present their latest breakthroughs in ballast water treatment systems and discuss various options available to vessel owners and operators.

11:20 BWMS market forecast 

  • Global contract-order status
  • Estimation of new building market scale
  • Assumption of retrofit market size
  • Estimation of BWMS market (Basic case v.s.Worst case)

Tony Kang, General Manager, Techcross

11.35 Testing for type approval of BWMS

  • Regulations and Guidelines governing testing of treatment systems 
  • Landbased and shipboard testing process
  • Promoting comparable and accurate testing for BWMS type approval

Guillaume Drillet, Scientist at DHI Ballast Water Technology and Innovation Centre; Chair of the GloBal TestNet

11.45 Benefiting from compact, purpose-built treatment integration

  • Short-term vs. long-term – factoring operating costs into the buying decision
  • Footprint and power draw 
  • High UVT value limits system applicability
  • Inline lamp driver integration into explosion-proof versions 

Juha Kiukas, Sales Director - Europe, Trojan Marinex  

12.00 Panel discussion: Providing shipowners with a long term cost-effective solution

  • Setting the benchmark – Comparing systems ability to meet tighter standards 
  • Outlining the pros and cons of the different systems
  • Dealing with issues in a competitive industry
  • Retrofitting versus newbuild installations
  • Comparing costs and justifying investment

Steven Matthew, Regional Manager – Asia, Hyde Marine 
Bill Yoon, Sales Manager, Ballast Water Treatment, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

12:50 Q&A 

13:00 Lunch networking


Over 50,000 ships are to be retrofitted with BWMS in the next five years, costing an estimated US$50 billion. This session focuses on how owners can overcome the challenges of retrofitting older, existing ships.

14:10 BWMS Retrofit: A practical guide for owners

  • Timing of BWMS installation based on your vessel’s lifecycle 
  • Impact of vessel ballasting patterns
  • BWMS selection criteria
  • Project management of BWMS retrofits

Sanjiv Rastogi, Head of New Building & Technical Services, Wilhelmsen Ship Management

14:40 Q&A


An analysis of the training required to ensure proper BWMS use, safety and compliance.

14:50 Ensuring crew competence

  • Understanding your crew training requirements
  • Training methodologies and their effectiveness
  • Strategies for ensuring crew competence

Sudhir Bhimani, Environmental Compliance Director, Anglo Eastern Ship Management

15:20 Q&A

15:30 Networking coffee break sponsored by Trojan Marinex


Speakers will share their experiences using different systems. Delegates will benefit from the pros, cons and lessons learnt from users.

16.10 Managing BWMS Regulations - Ship Owner’s Dilemma

  • Understanding the challenges and obstacles in the decision-making process
  • The realities and practicalities of when, where and how to install
  • How can industry assist ship owners in making the purchasing decisions?
  • What are owners looking in considering a supplier and in choosing a solution?

Afzal Machingal, Manager- Regulatory & Innovation, AET Shipmanagement 

16:30 BWMS in operation and lessons learnt

  • How different systems work in practice
  • Identifying on-site operational challenges
  • Demonstrating compliance – Understanding your reporting requirements

Sonsun Jacob, Fleet Manager, ISHIMA
Dr. J. Paul Chen, Professor, National University of Singapore
Rajiv Malhotra, Technical Manager, Thome Ship Management

17:10 Q&A

17:20 Closing remarks

*Programme subject to change / amendments

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